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Join the useful to the pleasant: work to make people happy

After many professional years in online advertising operations, despite her passion for her work and the great friendship for her employees, Amy chose to follow another great passion. This great passion, is to accompany people to realize an important project which often, is only a dream in their eyes. A dream that comes true, is a source of great motivation, because her main goal is to help people and make them happy.

Listening to people, Amy is committed to use the best strategies and technologies to find either the property so much sought after by buyers, or the ideal buyer for the properties of her selling customers.

What people say about Amy:

“A lot of seriousness and professionalism, Amy knows how to take the time to listen and guide her clients. » Vincent

"Amy is always ready to help everyone, even if it means working nights and weekends. The happiness of her colleagues and employees is a priority for her and she is always there to help and support them. » Catherine

"Amy, is a supernova. Her reactivity illuminates all around. Indispensable, always in action, she is professional and full of resources. It's a real pleasure to have to be around each day.” Dominique

"Amy is brilliant, discreet, efficient, committed, patient, bilingual, expert in her field and above all she knows how to be appreciated by those around her. But her two great strengths are her expertise and her personality. » Marcel


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